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Past Projects

Hire the Best Custom Homes Builder in Burnaby

Are you seeking an expert builder to build your dream home from scratch? With so many contractors and builders available, settling on the best one can be a tough job. You need to keep your timeframe, budget, and preferences in mind. Each builder has a definitive style of construction and design that may or may not match your requirements. To help you finalize thebest custom home builders in Burnaby, we can help you out.

Although it is tough to find the perfect builders to build desired or any other location, there are a few key factors that you need to ascertain:

  • The first and the most important factor is to analyze your budget. Home constructions can start from thousands and go to millions easily. Remember to always have a good amount for miscellaneous expenses. Many construction builders only give raw structures and do not provide interior decoration services. But if you would like to get your dream house built from start to finish, then hiring Surrey home builders is a good option.
  • Always ask the service providers to take you around a few projects that they have completed, so that you get an idea of their work. Never just agree to see one, as they may be showing you only their best ones. Ask them to at least show you five before you decide.
  • Seek reviews from past customers who got their houses/offices/buildings/schools, etc. built by FPG to know their exact feedback about the builder.
  • Always let your builder know about the extra amenities you would like to include in the project, such as a home theatre, gym, pool, lawn, swings for children, etc.
  • Also ask your designer, whether they will be interested in helping you select your curtain and upholstery fabric or not. Many designers refuse this and choosing the wrong sofas or curtains may ruin the overall effect of your décor.

Choosing the right designer for your house not only gets you a beautiful house that you can cherish forever but also upgrades your status in society. It also speaks volumes of your high taste in home décor.

Choosing ready-made homes in towns like Burnaby or Surrey or anywhere else often comes with a host of compromises. Pre-built homes can never have all the amenities or construction choices you wished to have in your dream house. It is not only wise but also cost-effective to get a custom home built from scratch.

Why Choose FPG Management?

At FPG Management, you can find the best and most respected building contractors in Canada and England. Their highly trained crew provides the best-in-class workmanship. They ensure complete safety and satisfaction by passing inspection. Their rates are the best in the industry and they work keeping in mind the various norms required by the government for construction. FPG contractors work with proper tools and safety gear and provide a safe and clean environment for everyone around.

FPG Management provides the following services:

  • Construction Management Managing the entire construction job can get quite tricky and most of the time, customers are clueless as to what’s happening in the process. But FPG keeps its customers in the loop via its transparent and open management process. They provide a fee-based Construction Management Engagement whereby their clients can follow the entire management process using the Procore construction management software. The clients get unrestricted access to construction drawings, tendering, financial reporting tools, daily activity logs, and invoicing.
  • General Contractor Expect complete turnkey solutions at FPG Management including the permit application, project architectural design, mechanical/electrical/plumbing/structural consultations, coordination of all construction activities, and more. All the consultations have a fixed charge. So, if you wish to build the best custom homes in Burnaby or any other location, then hire FPG for hassle-free and complete construction solutions.

Past Projects

Over the last ten years, the management team of FPG Management has collectively and individually delivered an incredibly diverse range of Tenant Improvement projects; ranging from government to hospitality to technology, retail and childcare.

Construction companies in  Victoria
Fraser Health Kidney Care Centre – Surrey – 20,000sf – Office/medical complex
Fraser Health Kidney Care Centre
Construction companies in  Vancouver
Smilestones Junior Kindergarten - South Surrey expansion
Smilestones Junior Kindergarten
Construction companies in   Langley
Kids & Company - 333 11 Ave. SW. Calgary - 4,735 sf childcare facility
Kids & Company - 333 11 Ave
Construction companies in  Burnaby
Kids & Company - Coast Capital Center, Surrey - 6,567 sf childcare facility
Kids & Company - Coast Capital Center
Construction companies in Richmond
Kids & Company - Morgan Crossing Shopping Complex - 10,000 sf childcare facility
Kids & Company - Morgan Crossing
Construction companies in  Abbotsford
Kids & Company - Surrey Professional Center - 8,000 sf childcare facility
Kids & Company - Surrey Professional Center
Construction companies in Calgary
Dr. Stephen Cheung - Surrey Professional Center - medical offices
Dr. Stephen Cheung - Surrey Professional Center
Construction companies in Mississauga
Dr. Lo Dental Clinic - Surrey - dental clinic
Dr. Lo Dental Clinic
Best Building Contractors in  Victoria
Smilestones Junior Kindergarten (Langley) - 8,900 sf childcare center
Smilestones Junior Kindergarten (Langley)
Best Building Contractors in  Vancouver
Smilestones Junior Kindergarten (Surrey) - 5,000 sf childcare center
Smilestones Junior Kindergarten (Surrey)
Best Building Contractors in langley
Kids & Company (North Vancouver) - 9,000 s.f. daycare facility
Kids & Company (North Vancouver)
Best Building Contractors in  Burnaby
Wawanesa Insurance - 11,700 sf office renovations
Wawanesa Insurance
Best Building Contractors in Richmond
Union of Psychiatric Nurses - new head office build out
Union of Psychiatric Nurses
Best Building Contractors in  Abbotsford
Taza Foods Inc. - new Lebanese restaurant
Taza Foods Inc